Inheritance in zenon

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In zenon the base objects are the data types. Simple as well as structure data types inherit their properties to the variables based on them.

The variables are the objects based on the data types. In priciple they inherit all their properties. Exceptions are properties which

can be only set at the variable, e.g. the addressing which is based on the driver object type and not the data type.

In the structures there are the structure elements. They can be embedded or linked. If they are linked, they get all the properties from the data type they are linked to. All changes in the basic data type are directly passed on. But no properties can be overwritten, as they only are linked and not inherited.

The embedded structure elements of a structure data type in principle do not have a reference to their basic data type at all. They are copies, where all properties can be changed individually. Changes in the basic data type do not effect them. Embedded structure elements can at any time be changed back to linked structure elements.