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Beside the properties each object can have methods. A method is not an attribute but a request to the object to do something. So a form has the method Show. What does it do? It requests the form to appear on the screen. Accordingly the form disappears when using the method Unload.

The advantage of methods is, that the programmer does not have to know anything about the structure of the object and most of all has no opportunity to chnage the internal data of the object.

Executing the method Show resp. Unload works as follows:

frmSollwert.Show bzw. Unload frmSollwert

If you want to open another form, the method stays the same, only the name of the form (object name) changes.

frmChange.Show bzw. Unload frmChange

So one and the same method can be used for different object types. But not every object must have methods.