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Via the WEB server the WEB client connects to a Runtime server. It shows the project of the Runtime server, just as a normal client would do. Only difference: With the WEB client the project is displayed in a browser.

The Runtime server is the PC, where the project runs as a server project. The Runtime server manages all data: Project data, online data, historical data.

The WEB server is a gateway (proxy server) fulfilling the following tasks:

Data interface (TCP/IP port conversion) between the Runtime server and the WEB client.

Checking the liecence and checking the number of clients simultaneously connected to the WEB server.

The WEB client is a program, which runs in a browser and displays a control system project.

The publishing service is a standard HTML WEB server of any manufacturer. It is necessary, so that the project entry page can be published. For the actual WEB client operation this service is notnecessary - The WEB client does not access the publishing service. In order not to create misunterstandings this document does not call it WEB server but always publishing service.

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In a simple structure the Runtime server, the WEB server and the publishing service can run on one and the same PC.

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The Web client always has the properties of the Energy Edition. At the start however the normal splash screen is displayed.