Implementing the WEB server in the internet environment

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The following requirement must be fulfilled to implement the WEB server in an internet environment.

Usually the internet is separated from the local network (LAN) with a firewall. This firewall can be a PC or a configurable router. All in- and out-going IP packages go through this gateway station (firewall).

Port 1102 on the firewall must be open for incoming packages, so that a WEB client can access a WEB server and so a Runtime server.

NAT (Network Address Transformation) must run on the gateway station. NAT transforms the internal LAN address to the address of the gateway station. If e.g. somebody surfes inside the LAN, from outside it looks as if always the gateway station would send the requests.

The firewall on the gateway station has to be configured in the way, that all the in-coming packages for the port 1102 are automatically sent to the WEB Server station. So this station has to be defined with a static IP address.

The page project.html has to be edited in the following way, thus the WEB client knows which station to access in the internet:

Under WebServer VALUE= WEB-SERVERNAME the computer name of the gateway station (the station visible from the internet and not the computer name of the real WEB server) has to be entered. The real WEB server is not visible from the internet. The gateway station then automatically forwards the requests from the WEB client to the port 1102 to the real WEB server.