WEB Server (Pro) - Licensing/Configuration/Status

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The licensing defines, whether it is a WEB Server or a WEB Server Pro and the number of simultaneous WEB client connections. (Concurrent use licence)

With Windows CE only the WEB Server Pro is available. It is integrated in the Runtime, i.e. the Runtime must be started in order for the WEB Server Pro to be available. Licensing is performed via the Remote Transport in the Editor with remote licensing.

After the installation of the WEB server there is a new icon in the Windows control panel named WEB Server. This icon opens the dialog of the WEB server (Pro) where it can be licensed, started or stopped. Please be aware, that in demo mode the WEB Server only can be started with this dialog.

There is no configuration dialog for Windows CE.

info Info

In order to start the Web server under Windows CE, the following conditions must be fulfilled:

  • the Runtime must be started
  • the flag Network active must be activated