WEB Server (Pro) - Topologies

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You need the WEB server to establish a connection between the WEB client control in the browser and the Runtime server. It can be installed on any computer in the network that has a physical network connection to the Runtime server. Running a WEB client and the Runtime server on the same PC is not possible. The WEB Server itself can also be installed on the same computer as the Runtime server.

Redundancy (since WEB Client 6.01):

For redundant Runtime Stations, redundant Web Server are recommended. If a WEB server fails resp. is stopped, the WEB client automatically switches to the standby WEB server. An automatic switch back - as with the Runtime server - is not done. The WEB client is connected with the WEB server, until the WEB client is restarted or the WEB server fails resp. is stopped. Then the WEB client again tries to connect to the first (original) WEB server.

When using only a WEB server we recommend not to use it on the same PC as the Runtime server or the Runtime standby server, because the WEB server would also fail in case of a failure of teh according computer.