Restructuring the database

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  1. Create a temporary directory and a subdirectory. Name of the subdirectory: XX. E. g.: C:\\TEMP\\XX where C:\\TEMP is the path of the original database and C:\\TEMP\\XX is the path for the restructured database. Do not forget to make a backup of your original database.
  2. Copy the original database and REV.BAT and DATAMGR.RDL to C:\\TEMP.
  3. Copy the new DBD files (of the new database) and the file DBAREORG.EXE to the XX directory.
  4. Set the paths to the directory, where DBREV.EXE and INITDB.EXE are, resp. copy these files to C:\\TEMP and also to C:\\TEMP\\XX. Check if these two programs can be started in the DOS window without entering their path.
  5. Make sure, that enough space (min. 500 K) is available in the DOS memory area.
  6. Execute the batch file REV.BAT in the DOS window:


    del *.taf

    del *.log

    cd xx

    del *.taf

    del *.log

    initdb datamgr


    dbrev -r -v -q -s datamgr.rdl datamgr xx/datamgr

  7. Start DBAREORG.EXE in the directory zenon directly from Windows (execute file).
  8. Define the directory where the database is (XX) with CONVERT 2xx -> 3xx and PATH SETTINGS.
  9. Start restructuring with CONVERT 2xx -> 3xx and CONVERT.
  10. Restructuring is finished. The new database is in the XX path. If existing please delete the TAF files from the XX directory. The original database still is in the TEMP directory.
  11. If restructuring is not successful on the first attempt, you have to restart with step 1. Otherwise the restructured database would be converted another time.

Result of restructuring

all pictures are converted

all variables are converted

all functions are converted, but the functions have to be relinked. Exception: the "Switch to picture" function needs no relinking.

a log file (DBAREORG.LOG) is created in the directory from which DBAREORG.EXE has been started. There you can find information on the unlinked functions.