Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA x.xx

Windows for Workgroups version 3.11 has improved the support of multi protocols. The Network Setup now allows you to configure your protocols with the Network Drivers Dialog. This Dialog shows you your Network Adaptors as well as the protocols running on them. You can now change the default protocol used by Windows for Workgroups. If you change the default protocol, this will effect the [LAN]LANA option in the CITECT.INI. If this option is set incorrectly, the Citect running on that computer will not communicate with any other Citect computer on the network.

The default protocol is set as LANA=0. The protocols listed in the Network Drivers Dialog have LANA numbers in the order listed. For example if you have:

  • Microsoft NetBEUI
  • IPX/SPX Compatible Transport with NetBIOS

then NetBEUI is protocol 0 (the default) and IPX/SPX is protocol 1. If you set LANA=0 in the CITECT.INI file, Citect will communicate over 'Microsoft NetBEUI', if you set LANA=1, then Citect will communicate via 'IPX/SPX Compatible Transport with NetBIOS'. If you change the default protocol to IPX/SPX, then LANA=0 would be IPX and LANA=1 would be NetBEUI.

For Citect to communicate with other Citects, you must tell Citect to use the same protocol at both ends (i.e. both must use NetBEUI or both must use IPX). It is possible to configure a system where two computers have the same LANA setup in the CITECT.INI file, but they don't communicate because each has a different default protocol. Always check the LANA number as well as the default protocol. 

With Windows for Workgroups, setup all computers with the same default protocol and the same [LAN]LANA= number. The recommended protocol is 'Microsoft NetBEUI'. Make this the default protocol and so use LANA=0. Also note that if you are not using NetBIOS over the 'IPX/SPX Compatible Transport with NetBIOS', you can change this to 'IPX/SPX Compatible Transport'. This will allow you to access Novell file servers without the extra overhead of loading the Novell NetBIOS. If you try to set Citects LANA number to 'IPX/SPX Compatible Transport', you will get the error 'NetBIOS not Found' as this protocol has no NetBIOS interface.

See also Q1107