Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.00

Question: Sometimes when I press the export to file icon on the trend templates it does not display the SaveAs dialog. What is going wrong with this function? 

If you press the export to file icon and the save as dialog is not displayed it means that there is a current trend export still being processed. To completely export the data to a file can take several seconds, so if you export data to a file and then immediately try to export more data the export function will not allow you until the first export is completed. It takes several seconds to complete because Citect is a fully preemptive system, and Citect is allowing you to continue without waiting for the data to be exported to the file. Other single threaded applications would display the hour glass until the data export was complete, but as Citect is multi threaded you can continue to do other operations while the export is in progress.

See also Q1602.