Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 4.x

What does the error "Load device (wrtdev0.vxd):Error 'Access is denied'" mean?

If this occurs under Windows NT then it means that you are not logged in as supervisor or that you don't have the rights to start and stop devices. Just give that right to the Citect users who use protocols which access hardware memory, ports or interrupts.

If this occurs in Windows 95 then there is most likely a hardware problem with a board in the system. Citect Drivers use WinRT, that is the wrtdev?.vxd files, for some proprietry communication cards. Check the IRQ settings, etc on the card you are using for the I/O device and ensure that there are no hardware conflicts with other cards in the PC.

See Also Q1921. for more details on WinRT.