Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.00

In some instances, installing new software on a machine with Citect for Windows may cause the Citect Explorer and Wizards to fail to start. An error message resembling "Couldn't find installable ISAM" is known to occur. This also may cause the Citect Explorer to Crash with a GPF fault on startup. 

This is problem is caused by the software installing a new version of the Microsoft ODBC manager on your machine, but not re-installing the dBase driver required by Citect. The problem can be corrected by restarting the application's install program and indicating that the new driver should be installed.

The following steps should serve as a rough guide:

  • Call up the control panel and select Add/Remove Programs.
  • Select and start the application's installation program and work down through the choices to the database options. (Commonly: Data Access, followed by Database Drivers).
  • Select the option "dBase and Microsoft Foxpro Drivers"

Once the new driver is installed, the Citect applications should function correctly once again.

See also Q2184.