Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx

When I attempt to import a jpg picture of size 3.3MB I get the message shown;

"No File Can't create DIB larger than 16M"

My screen settings are 1024x768 at 256 colours, what is the cause of this?


The problem stems from trying to import high resolution graphics into the Citect Graphics builder. In the example above the jpeg format is highly compressed and contains both colour information and resolution that exceeds the capabilities of the graphics builder. The colour information needs to be reduced to 256 colours and/or resolution reduced to fit your screen before you can import such graphics into Citect.

For today's graphic files, you need a graphic viewer that can manipulate your images in a way that Citect can handle. For example you can use a graphics viewer program like acdsee.exe, currently available from;

If you scan images yourself or export them from other software packages then you may notice that they appear to be "washed out" when imported into Citect. This issue is covered in the KB article Q1948. For Citect V5.x you need to use a graphics viewer that is able to change the image resolution and the colours to 256 colours and manipulate the colour information so as to not degrade it beyond what is acceptable quality and still be able to import it into Citect.