Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.40, 5.40 Service Pack A, 5.40 Service Pack B

This error comes up after I restored the project onto Windows XP professional.

Note: the error may also come up under other circumstances with your project on Windows 2000 Professional or Windows NT.


Please first check if this error happens with Example project as well:

Then, backup and delete all files in your Citect/Data Directory.

-> Recompile and re-run the project.

Second, Make sure "Incremental Compile" is turned off in Project Editor | Tools | Options.

-> Make sure there are no trend tags with more than 16 characters,

-> Make sure no field widths in trend dbf files have been altered,

-> Recompile and re-run the project.

If error persists: Open your windows explorer, go to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Ci Technologies

and register all trend related DLL files with "regsvr32 " command in the Windows Run command window.

Please make sure the directory path is correct if you are typing it in.

-> Recompile and re-run the project.

If you receive the error message which states file not found or if you are unable to register these DLLs, please remove

Citect completely and make sure these Trend DLLs are deleted. Then reinstall Citect to correct the problem.

See also KB Article Q3283