Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.xx, 4.xx, 5.xx

I have redundant alarm servers. On startup, they connect to each other and the kernel shows alarm synchronization packets being exchanged. It does not work correctly, however, when I acknowledge, enable, or disable an alarm on one PC. The change may not be reflected on the other server, or the wrong alarm(s) may be affected. 

Citect uses alarm record numbers to identify alarms. This can cause problems any alarms have a different record number on one of the servers than on the other.

After making changes to the alarm lists on one server, the project could be backed up and restored onto the other server. If the projects are not the same, the change will have to be made on both servers. After deleting any records, pack the project (Project Editor | File menu) to remove the deleted records.

The record numbers may also be different if alarms are defined in included projects and the two servers have different included projects lists.

If it is too hard to keep both servers' alarm lists the same, add this parameter to the windows\citect.ini file:


This tells Citect to use the alarm tag names instead of the record numbers for identification. See the [Alarm]SaveStyle help page for details. For Citect 3.xx, see Q2829 for the correct parameter value.

After making this change, shut down both alarm servers and delete both almsave.dat files. The alarm save files will be located in the paths listed in these citect.ini parameters: