Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx
  • CitectHMI 5.xx

I have made some modifications to the Hardware page in the Graphics Builder, such as deleting the keyboard objects and replacing them with Cicode objects. However, during the runtime environment, I now get the following hardware alarm:

Animator Conflicting types of animation AN22

What is causing this?


First of all, it is necessary to take note of the page being displayed during runtime which generated the 'conflicting types of animation' hardware alarm in the first place. To keep with the example above this hardware alarm is most likely generated as a result of modifying the Hardware alarm page/template (or any of the Alarm templates that come standard with Citect) incorrectly. For example, if you have objects whose ANs range from 1 to 100, and in addition to the keyboard objects you delete objects assigned to ANs 3 through 20, the next keyboard object you place on the page will get assigned the next available AN - AN3 - which causes it to become out of sequence with regard to the first alarm object - AN21. The following is a list of steps to go by to ensure each keyboard or Cicode object (where the alarm will display during runtime) has ANs that are in sequential order:

1. Go to Graphics Builder | Edit menu and choose 'Break Lock Mode'.

2. Go to the Edit menu and choose 'Select All'.

3. Go to the Edit menu and choose 'Cut Link'. This cuts the link to the Hardware template.

4. Go to the Edit menu and choose 'Select All'. Click on the 'Ungroup' button and then click off of the page.

5. Delete the keyboard objects whose ANs are out of sequence, making sure you leave yourself at least one of them to copy/paste later.

6. You will then paste the out-of-sequence keyboard objects ONE AT A TIME. If you cut/copy (CTRL + X) all the out-of-sequence objects and paste them back on, they will still be out of sequence.

7. When finished, check to make sure all the objects' ANs are in sequential order before saving the Hardware page.

There are other causes for this same hardware alarm, which may even result in crashing the runtime environment:

1. Those having Citect versions prior to v5.30r0 were able to accidentally delete reserved animation points AN1 and AN2, reserved for the Keyboard Entry and Prompt Line respectively. Citect v5.30r0 and 5.40r0 now prevent the deletion of reserved ANs. Please refer to Knowledge Base articles Q3156 and Q3307 for more details regarding reserved ANs.

2. Make sure that none of your objects are assigned animation points AN1 or AN2, as Citect has reserved these for runtime. In order to verify that no objects on any of your graphics pages are assigned these reserved ANs, you must go to the Graphics Builder | Tools menu and select 'Goto Object'. This will show you a complete list of all objects on that page and their corresponding ANs. When you find the offending object(s) assigned to either AN1 or AN2, you must cut/copy the object(s) and paste AN1 and/or AN2 on your page. To do this, go to the Graphics Builder | Tools menu | Options and enable the 'Show version 3.xx\4.xx tools' check box. Then click on the "+1" tool and drop animation points +1 and +2 on that page. Then you can paste the objects saved to the clipboard back onto your page, which get assigned new ANs.