Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA  5.xx, 6.xx

Toshiba Satellite laptops running Windows 2000 or XP Professional (even with latest Windows Updates) have trouble detecting parallel port keys.  

This is a known issue and has been addressed by SafeNet, the developers of the Sentinel hardware key and Sentinel system driver. Please perform the following:

1. Verify that you are using the latest Sentinel system driver from SafeNet, Inc:

2. SafeNet has provided a patch which should resolve this issue. The patch can be downloaded from their Knowledge Base (article 2258) here:

Sentinel System Driver Configuration:
1. Download the latest Sentinel driver patch from SafeNet's Knowledge Base (above).
2. Download the latest Sentinel Protection Installer (v7.1 is the latest at the time of writing this article).
3. Install the latest Sentinel system driver and replace your current SENTINEL.SYS file with SafeNet's fixed version.


Toshiba Hardware Configuration:

1. Download and install the latest BIOS patch from Toshiba. Toshiba Technical Support:
2. In Toshiba's hardware, set the printer port to ECP.
3. Go to Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Computer Management | Device Manager and expand the serial/parallel port.
4. Double-click the printer (LPT) port. Set the port's address to 378, IRQ to 7 and DMA to 3.
5. Reboot the operating system.


After Rebooting the Operating System:
1. Run the SetupSysDriver.exe utility. If you have Sentinel driver v7.0.0 or higher, the default location is the following: 
    C:\Program Files\Common Files\SafeNet Sentinel\Sentinel System Driver\SetupSysDriver.exe


2. Click the Configure Driver button:

3. Click the Add button to add another Port Type :

4. Modify the newly added Port settings:

  • Enter 378 into the I/O address of the PCI parallel port adapter into the Bus Address field
  • For the Port Type field, make sure you select ECP (IBM AT is the default) in the dropdown list
  • Make sure the other Port settings reflect that of the screen capture below:

Please also refer to CitectSCADA Knowledge Base article Q3992.





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