Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx
  • CitectHMI 5.xx

I had recently modified one of my templates in the Graphics Builder and after displaying a page (based on the modified template) during runtime, the following hardware alarm is generated:

Animator Animator Page CTG/RDB record mismatch AN22

What is causing this animation conflict and how can I resolve it?


This HW alarm occurs when a graphics page (PageName.CTG) has a modification made to it that is not reflective in the runtime database information file (PageName.RDB). To isolate the offending object(s) causing this error, it is very important to note the graphics page you are on at the time the HW alarm occurs, as well as the ANx being referenced by that hardware alarm. After you have determined the offending page, open it in your Graphics Builder and go to the Tools menu | Goto Object... and type the AN in the Object AN: field. Then delete the offending object that is associated with that AN, re-create it, save the page and do an Update Pages. Make sure your Incremental Compile check box is unchecked (Project Editor | Tools menu | Options...) and fully compile your project.

Another cause of hardware alarms of this type could be a result of using Dsp* Cicode Display functions (i.e. DspSym) with v5.xx animations. In the Online Help, there is a special NOTE with regard to all Dsp* Cicode functions which warns:

NOTE: This function is only used for v3.xx and v4.xx animations, and will be superseded in future releases.

For example, if you wish to display a symbol at a specified AN, you could use a Cicode object to call the following Cicode:

DspSym(35, "Pumps.Pump_5_B", 0) ! Syntax: DspSym(AN, "Library.Symbol", Mode)

For further information on how to resolve animation conflicts, please read KB article Q3774.