Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx
  • CitectHMI 5.xx

When I try to install CitectSCADA on my PC, I get an error similar to the following during the installation process:

"The ODBC Driver on your system does not allow the creation of a Data Source Name. It is necessary to install the Citect Database Drivers and restart Windows before installing Citect HMI/SCADA".

When I press OK, the files appear to be installed by the installer. I restart Windows and try to install CitectSCADA again, but I get the same message. If I try and add User or System DSN entries in the Data Sources control panel, there are no drivers listed. What is wrong?


This can occur when there has been a corruption of the Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) files. MDAC is installed by a variety of Microsoft products (Eg. Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office etc.). MDAC is also obtainable from the Microsoft website. You can try installing/re-installing some of these products to restore the correct files.

If this does not work, you can attempt to perform a "repair" of your operating system files by booting your computer with your Operating System's installation disk (eg. Windows XP install CD). Select the appropriate options to repair your registry and/or system files and then restart your computer when the repair process is complete.

You should now be able to install CitectSCADA.

See also: KB Article Q3637


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