Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA

A number of scenarios exist where the ABCLX driver does not correctly check array indexes, particularly of arrays within structures.

A number of issues also exist in relation to illegal data type coercions that can cause garbled or invalid data.

This problem has been fixed in version of the ABCLX driver.

Tags that have invalid array indexes will be marked as ‘bad tags’.

The driver is now much more explicit in the types of coercion it will allow. Any tags that are attempting an invalid coercion between a PLC data type and a CitectSCADA data type will marked as ‘bad tags’. Please refer to the updated ABCLX help for further details on the allowed forms of data type coercion.

Please refer to Q4253 for more information on logging that will help you identify bad tags in you projects.

ABCLX array index coercion data type bad tags