Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA, VijeoCitect

 I upgraded my project from v7.0 release to v7.0 SPK1, and I receive some compile errors pointing to "invalid time format" in my Trends, Events, Reports, or Devices forms.
If you wish to upgrade to v7.0 SPK2 or later, please also read KB Q5384

This is a known issue that is introduced by installing SPK1 on French and German installations only.
This is because the compiler in v7.0SPK1 actually expects French and German strings to be specified in the "Period" field (Trends, Reports, Events, Devices).
The compile errors should be pointing to the days of the week, ie "Monday", "Sunday".

You have two choices to fix these compile errors. We would recommend following the second option:

1- You can manually edit each and every record causing the compile error and replace the English days of the week with their equivalent in the local language.
eg: replace "Monday" with "Lundi" (French) or "Montag" (German)

2- Recommended : You can add 7 entries in the "labels" form (project Editor>System>Labels) , as follows:


Label Name Expression
Monday Lundi
Tuesday Mardi
Wednesday Mercredi
Thursday Jeudi
Friday Vendredi
Saturday Samedi
Sunday Dimanche

Note: you may have to add an eighth label as follows:
Label Name Expression
decembre décembre


Label Name Expression
Monday Montag
Tuesday Dienstag
Wednesday Mittswoch
Thursday Donnerstag
Friday Freitag
Saturday Samstag
Sunday Sonntag

Please note that this issue only applies to v7.0 SPK1. If you then upgrade to v7.0SPK2 or v7.1, you will need to revert back to the previous configuration (days of the week in English).
We would therefore recommend that you follow suggestion#2 (add 7 entries to the labels), so that the changes can be managed with ease when you later upgrade to another version.

 Period, invalid time format. monday, tuesday