Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA v7.0, v7.10
  • VijeoCitecft v7.0, v7.10

My project contains multiple clusters and my alarm page does not display the full history of alarms processed. This happens when using AlarmDsp() without cluster context (i.e AlarmDsp(20,15,3) -> 4th argument not defined) to display alarms from all clusters on the same page.
When the alarm page is displayed, only up to 20 pages of alarm data is viewable.

If the cluster context is specified in the AlarmDsp() function, then the full history of the alarms from that cluster is displayed correctly and the alarm page is not limited to 20 pages anymore.

The above description applies to the active alarms page and the alarm summary page.

This issue has be fixed in Citect v7.20. However, the current work-around is to use AlarmDsp() with cluster context specified:
 - Create a specific alarm page for each cluster.
 - Create an unique alarm page and assign the cluster context to AlarmDsp() dynamically to display full alarm history from each cluster. See KB article Q4978 for further information.

Multi-Cluster, CSV_AlarmSummary, AlarmDsp(), History, Alarm