10.10.1        Color table for printing

A Color table for printing applies to View and ViewDAQ. The new default.cxx (formerly default.ctb) allows users to globally define a color table for printing.  Users can now specify a color table for each individual graphic display.

To create a color table, use the same name as the graphic file with ctb as the file extension for user-built graphic files (i.e. bgr).  Use the cxx extension for system graph files. For example, use almsum.cxx to define color table for alarm summary display (almsum.bxx) and use main.ctb to define color table for main.bgr.

To create color tables, please do the following:

1) In Draw or DrawDAQ, please enter ctb in command line to call up Color Table Configuration dialog box.  (For information on the command line see section Command Line Prompts).

2) Define your color table.

3) In Color Table File field, please enter color table name with ctb or cxx as a file extension.

4) Save and Exit.

5) Download graph.

You can only re-map up to 256 colors indexed in Color Table Configuration dialog box. Performance issues may arise if the bitmap generated by print is too big or the computer is too slow. Colors of the bitmaps may shift if color quality of the display card is too low (e.g. less than 32-bit colors): this will cause re-mapping to fail. When there are texts in View/ViewDAQ, re-mapping colors of those texts in printout may not be successful if clear type method is used to smooth edges of screen fonts. Due to all the issues mentioned, this feature is unofficially supported.