10.10                               Printing Graphic Displays

Printing of graphics and trends can be directly to Printer or the Paintbrush program (Paint.exe). The default is to Paintbrush.

To print directly to printer, modify the *.INI files (and create them if they don't exist).

Printing direct to default printer from VIEW, DRAW , DrawDAQ or ViewDAQ   

1.      Open Notepad.  Start -> Run -> Type Notepad

2.      Browse to WebAccess client directory for VIEW and WebAccess Node directory to modify ViewDAQ.  
For VIEW and DRAW it is typically in C:\WebAccess\Client\bwclient.ini
For ViewDAQ and DrawDAQ it is typically in C:\WebAccess\Node\bwclient.ini 

3. Modify the bwclient.ini to look like one of the following. 


BWCLIENT.INI  (opens paint)       







BWCLIENT.INI  (prints directly to printer)


bitmap=mspaint.exe /p





3.      Save the BWCLIENT.INI file.


Note that a similar file exists might exist in two places on a SCADA Node and Project Node, one for VIEW and DRAW (using a web browser) and one for ViewDAQ or DrawDAQ.

The options are:

Bitmap=mspaint.exe  will  open PAINT, the standard bitmap editor supplied with Windows Operating Systems.  Users can then save, print or even email the image from PAINT. This is the default setting in the INI  file.

Bitmap=mspaint.exe /p will print directly to the default printer.  The default printer is the Windows Operating System default Printer set in
 Start -> Settings -> Printers.

User must use the PRINT button on the WebAccess Toolbar (the <PRINT? keymacro) or Right Click -> File -> Print. The Web Browser’s print button will not print a graphic display. The Print will be in “landscape” mode.

Bitmap_width=0 will use the actual pixels displayed on the screen to generate the bitmap and print.   This can be adjusted to “fit” the page ( 160 to 3600 pixels). 

The number specifies the number of pixels in the starting bitmap. The printer driver will fit this to the page based on the resolution of the printer and the peculiarity of the printer driver. For an HP Laserjet 1200 (1200 dpi) bitmap_width=800 works well.

Bitmap_height=0 will use the actual pixels displayed on the screen to generate the bitmap and print.   This can be adjusted to “fit” the page ( 120 to 2700 pixels).  For an HP Laserjet 1200 (1200 dpi) bitmap_width=400 works well.


Text Printing

Printing of the Alarm Log and Action Log will output in HTML format and use IE web browser to display the output. A similar format for trend data exported from Realtime Trend and Datalog Trend. In previous versions, the text output was in text to Notepad.


See Also 23.6 BWCLIENT.INI