Edit the BWCLIENT.INI file to:

See 10.10 Printing Graphic Displays for more info on modifying the bwclient.ini for printing.

The BWCLIENT.INI exits on all clients, the SCADA Node and the Project Node. It is used to customize VIEW, DRAW, ViewDAQ (on the SCADA Node) and DrawDAQ (on the Project Node). It also exists on an OPC Server with the WebAccess Network Service (Webvrpcs.exe) installed.

Note that a similar file exists might exist in two places on a SCADA Node and Project Node, one for VIEW and DRAW (using a web browser) and one for ViewDAQ or DrawDAQ.

For VIEW and DRAW it is typically in C:\WebAccess\Client\bwclient.ini
For ViewDAQ and DrawDAQ it is typically in C:\WebAccess\Node\bwclient.ini 

Example bwclient.ini file

Copied to a Client, SCADA or Project Node with following:

Prints graphics to PAINT (VIEW and ViewDAQ on SCADA, DrawDAQ on Project Node and VIEW and DRAW on client).

Right Click Menu Disabled for ViewDAQ and VIEW on SCADA and Client

Connects to a network addresses by using both Private IP Address with other users (who do not use this file) connecting using Public IP Address.













Note is a private IP Address (also known as a Reserved Address).

See Also Address Mapping for Firewalls and mixed Private & Public Users, 10.10 Printing Graphic Displays, 15.6.4 Disable Right Click Menu.

To Edit the BWCLIENT.INI for Address Mapping:

1.      Open Notepad.  Start -> Run -> Type Notepad

2.      Browse to WebAccess client directory for VIEW and WebAccess Node directory to modify ViewDAQ.  
For VIEW client it is typically in C:\WebAccess\Client\bwclient.ini
For SCADA Node an Project Node it is typically in C:\WebAccess\Node\bwclient.ini 

3.      Create a section named [mapping]

4.   Enter the Public IP Address and Port and the Private Address and Port of the SCADA Node(s) or Project Node behind the same firewall (i.e. on the same private network).

You use can a Network Name (the Microsoft Net Bios Name).

If using a dedicated Firewall for each SCADA Node or Project Node you can use the private IP address, localhost or even  The format is


Where the address listed in Project Manager (and deploy file) is on the left, and will be replaced by address on the right (usually a private IP address).  

The 0 assumes you are using the default value (0) for Web Server (80), Primary TCP Port (4592) and Secondary TCP Port (14592).   

If you are using different TCP ports or entered 4592, 14592 explicitly, then you must create a section that looks like the example bwclient.ini listed earlier in this section.

5. Save the bwclient.ini file to drive:\WebAccess\Node.  Optionally copy it to the Project node or other SCADA nodes.  Optionally copy it to the drive:\WebAccess\Client (for use by web local browser).

Note - even though it says bwclient.ini,when copied to drive:\Webaccess\Node, it is used by the SCADA and Project Node software for acting like a client to itself!

6. Stop webvrpcs.exe in Task Manager on the SCADA Nodes and Project node.

7. Restart  webvrpcs.exe.  Start -> Programs -> Startup -> WebAccess Network Service.



By default, only the first instance of ViewDAQ will invoke main.dsp. To invoke main.dsp every time another ViewDAQs are opened by clicking the menu item “ViewDAQ” of Taskbar icon of the WebAccess Network Service (webvrpcs.exe), please add the following section to bwclient.ini:



Printing Graphic Displays and Trends

The bitmap_width=w and bitmap_height=h options now can be used with hardcopy=1 in the [viewer] section of bwclient.ini to hardcopy and stretch ViewDAQ/View client to a w x h  bitmap. If the bitmap_width or bitmap_height option is omitted, the output bitmap will not be stretched.