10.11.20    ShockWave Flash

Using the Draw -> Video in DRAW and DrawDAQ (see Draw Video in User Graphic Display) allows users to specify using a Flash or Shockwave file to be played instead of a Video camera.

Window Handle name in ShockWave interface can be specified by user. Since it is very difficult for users to know the value of ViewWindowHandle (window handle of View/ViewDAQ which contains the embedded web page), To resolve the issue, we allow users to specify %HWND in the URL string sent to Video Display as the window handle of View/ViewDAQ.

Those new protocols for these methods are:


METHOD:                BSTR GetValue(LPCTSTR Tag, LPCTSTR ViewWindowHandle);

DESCRIPTION:        Get value from Tag in View/ViewDAQ.

RETURN VALUE:       value of Tag.

Return value is "%T-2L$NA", if Tag is invalid.

Return value is "%T-1L$BAD", if Tag is bad.


 METHOD:                void SetValue(LPCTSTR Tag, LPCTSTR Value, LPCTSTR ViewWindowHandle);

DESCRIPTION:        Set value of Tag in View/ViewDAQ to Value.

METHOD:                void SendCmd(LPCTSTR Cmd, LPCTSTR ViewWindowHandle);

DESCRIPTION:        Send macro Cmd to View/ViewDAQ.


There is an example swflash.htm of how this OCX can be used in a web page. Please contact your local sales office for this example.