SAVE Graphic

There are two Save Graphic commands which correspond to the two file types. SAVE DRW saves your work in a form that can be edited later. SAVE BGR creates a runtime version of the file that can be viewed on clients. SAVE BGR also has an option to save the DRW with the same file name.  Most people use SAVE BGR. REMEMBER TO CHECK THE SAVE DRW OPTION!

To save a Graphic:

1. Right Click -> File -> Save BGR.

 OR - Select the Save BGR Icon from the top toolbar .

2. The SAVE BGR File Dialog Box appears.


Figure  - SAVE BGR File (Save Graphic)

3. Type a File name for the graphic with the .bgr extension. Don't use untitled.bgr!
For example type METER.BGR

4. IMPORTANT!  Check the Save DRW option .  

5. Select Entire Drawing radio button.

6. Select OK.

7. The Save DRW dialog Box appears.  Accept the default name, which is the same as the BGR.

8. Select OK.

The BGR file is a compiled Graphic suitable for Display by the WebAccess Client.  You cannot edit a BGR file. The DRW file is the source file. You can Edit the DRW file and generate a new BGR file.  If you loose the DRW, you can never edit the file again.  Save the DRW!


Next Step: download your graphic.