10.8.2         Default Toolbars

To edit the default toolbars (*.txx) rename them with the *.TLB extension using Windows Explorer.

Then Edit the toolbar in DRAW (the Graphics Builder), Save them.  If this new toolbar is to be used to replace the default toolbar, it must be renamed the same as the original with the*.TXX extension.

BBN (button files) allow animated buttons that flash, change color, change text to be added to Toolbars for VIEW and ViewDAQ.  BBN files are built using the DRAW.

ICO (icon files) can be used also. These standard Microsoft icons found in most  Windows Applications.  The toolbar is sized for 24x24 icons, but larger or smaller ico files will be shrunk or stretched to fit. Icon files (*.ico) can not be animated.

To make this edited default available to all future projects, copy this to the config/system/bgr.

graph.txx is the default toolbar for all user-built displays.  WebAccess VIEW looks for a toolbar with the same name as the graphic (graphic_name.TLB and graphic_name.BGR).  If a user built toolbar does not exist, the graph.txx toolbar is used.

analog.txx is the default toolbar for the Analog Type Point Detail Display.

digital.txx is the default toolbar for the Digital Type Point Detail Display.

text.txx is the default toolbar for the Text Type Point Detail Display.

almsum.txx is the default toolbar for the Alarm Summary Display. The Alarm Summary,  Change, and Alarm ACK icons are not shown.

dlogtrd.txx is the default toolbar for all Data Log Trend  Displays.

There are similarly named toolbars for all standard displays, including