10.9 Local Scripts (Screen Scripts)

Screen Scripts – which run only run when the associated Screen is displayed or are called by a Pushbutton on a Screen. Screen Scripts run on the Client.  Screen Scripts run at the frequency specified by the Graphic Parameters (Set Graph Param) as fast as every 25 milliseconds.


The language of WebAccess scripts is derived from TCL, an open-source scripting language commonly used for hardware-control programs.  WebAccess scripts do not need to be compiled.

The components of a WebAccess Script are grouped into five Areas:

Additional components of WebAccess are the Tags (the real-time data) that  WebAccess reads from Automation Equipment  and internal tags describing WebAccess:

Please see Chapter 12 for detailed description of Scripts in WebAccess.

The next section shows a Step-by-Step Guide of creating the most common screen script to Rotate a Fan or Pump based on the On/Off state of a Digital Tag.