11.1.4         <ALMLOGP>

Description:   Print Alarm Log from Alarm Log display. Opens an Internet Explorer Window with the text displayed

Syntax:         <ALMLOGP>start end                  


Argument:     starting line, ending line of action log, (no space before start)


Example:       <ALMLOGP>0 10000

This keymacro works only on the Alarm Log Display. This keymacro is supported to allow users to modify the default alarm log display (almlog.dxx). Prints the Alarm Log of last 10000 alarms.  The alarm log also includes return to normal.  Text type tags require three lines (tag name, old value, new value).  The above example prints the entire alarm log (from record 0 to 10,000). The printout is to Internet Explorer..  The printer for the Alarm Log is set in the bwclient.ini file for browser clients or the bwview.ini file for ViewDAQ. Only the last 5000 alarms are saved to disk, while the last 10,000 are in active memory. When you first open a client, task or window, you will see only the last 5000 alarms recorded.


To Print the entire Alarm Log to printer by user command

1.      The Internet Explorer opens with the Selected Alarm Log. 

2.      If the menu bar is not displayed in Internet Explorer, press the Alt key to display the menu bar.

3.      Select File ->Print from Internet Explorer menu bar

4.      Select the desired printer. Press OK.