11.1.5         <CLOSEALL>

Description:   Closes all Display Groups. Will close all WebAccess windows opened with VIEW and ViewDAQ.  User must have Security Level to Exit all opened Display Groups.


Syntax:         <CLOSEALL>


Arguments:    none



Example:       <CLOSEALL>

<CLOSEALL> will close the ALL Display Groups in VIEW and ViewDAQ. This will close all WebAccess Windows in opened with ViewDAQ.   The <CLOSEALL> pushbutton can be inside any display group or keymacro file and will close the current display group plus all other (if user has Security Level required by each display group). 

The user must have a Security Level greater than or equal to the "Exit Password Level configured for the Display Group. If not, a popup dialog box will opened to prompt the user to login as a new user. The "exit Password Level" is set from the ViewDAQ menu bar (View->ViewDAQ Options->Exit Password Level).  Please refer to the Display Group section from more information on configuring Display Groups.

This Keymacro is available on VIEW clients and SCADA nodes running ViewDAQ. 

The intent of <CLOSEALL> is to close all WebAccess displays in order to allow a local user to shutdown WebAccess from the Taskbar icon.

Note that you cannot stop the WebAccess Kernel from the taskbar if at least one Display Group is open in ViewDAQ. You can always stop the kernel from the Configuration Manager, even if a Display Group is open).

VIEW is the web browser version of the WebAccess client.

ViewDAQ is a non-web browser version of VIEW that runs on a local SCADA node  intended for standalone architecture and control room type users. 

Display Groups allow multiple display windows to be opened with a single mouse click.  Users can save multiple windows, size, position and default display as a display group, then re-open this group from a menu list or pushbutton.  Other features of display groups include hide menu bar, no resize and exit password level to close WebAccess. Display Groups are a Windows management tool.