11.1.71    <MAIL>

Description:   SMTP client package for sending text email via a local or remote SMTP-compliant mail server.

Syntax:         <MAIL>HOST=mailserver</MAIL>
valid email address</MAIL>
Put message here. </MAIL>
Another Line for message. </MAIL>

Argument:     Host name, Port, Subject, To, From, CC, BCC, Body, Send,
</MAIL> not needed for Keymacro file

See Also:       </MAIL>


Examples:      Sample Keymacro File
<MAIL>from=WebAccess SCADA Node
<MAIL>subject=Alarm notification.
<MAIL>body=First \"a\" Line.
<MAIL>body_add=First Line also.\n
<MAIL>body_add=Second Line.\n\n

Examples:      Sample series of Pushbutton Keymacros
<MAIL>SUBJECt=Message from SCADA. </MAIL>
<MAIL>BODY=First Line. </MAIL>
<MAIL>BODY_ADD=First Line also. </MAIL>
<MAIL>BODY_ADD=Second Line. </MAIL>

The <MAIL> keymacro (and the equivalent Action Command in scripts) provide an easy interface for sending email messages a WebAccess SCADA Node via a network conversation with a local or remote SMTP-compliant mail server. This package was written to be as portable as possible and is known to work on Windows systems. Email is sent from the SCADA Node, even if from a pushbutton on a Web Client.

This <MAIL> package provides only the text transport mechanism -- no provisions have been made for attachments or other fancier email features.  SMTP is supported.  MIME and attachments are not supported. <MAIL> keymacros attempt to be as RFC-compliant as possible.

The <MAIL> keymacro commands put a simple interface around mail sending, requiring options for specifying the host (mail server), port, From, TO and SUBJECT.  A Body option specifies the body of the message directly. One or more recipient email addresses should be specified using the to, cc, or bcc  respective list-oriented options.

The WebAccess SCADA node will send an email through an existing SMTP compatible mail server. By default, WebAccess will send mail from the Outgoing SMTP Server configured in SCADA Node Properties. 

You will have to use the <MAIL>HOST=yourSMTPserver before each <MAIL>SEND command if an Outgoing Email Server is not configured in SCADA node properties.