12.4.13    DSPPOPUPDEP

Description:   Pops up a new display window or display group without closing the current display group(s) in ViewDAQ. The new Display window or group is Dependant on the calling display group, always on top of the parent and closing when the parent closes.


Tcl:              DSPPOPUPDEP displaygroupname.dsp

JScript:          DSPPOPUPDEP("displaygroupname.dsp");

VB Script:      DSPPOPUPDEP "displaygroupname.dsp"                                                


Arguments:    display group name with dsp file extension (no blank spaces allowed in file name).

Returns:        none


Examples:      # Example 1 - Popup a Display window named small2 (the default display group)

                                DSPPOPUPDEP small2.dsp

DSPPOPUPDEP pops up a "child" display window or display group without closing the current ViewDAQ display window. The new display group will close when the parent window is closed.  This is considered to be "dependant" on calling display window.   The dependant window is always on top of its parent. A display group consists of multiple ViewDAQ windows (i.e. as if ViewDAQ were started from taskbar menu multiple times). The windows will appear in the size and positioned saved using the Display Group commands in ViewDAQ. The default ViewDAQ display group is named "main". An incorrect or invalid display group name will result in default display group (main.dsp).

This ACTION command is available to screen scripts on web browser client VIEW and ViewDAQ running on a SCADA node.  

VIEW is the web browser version of the WebAccess client.

ViewDAQ is a non-web browser version of VIEW that runs on a local SCADA node  intended for standalone architecture and control room type users. 

Display Groups allow multiple display windows to be opened with a single mouse click.  Users can save multiple windows, size, position and default display as a display group, then re-open this group from a menu list or pushbutton.  Other features of display groups include hide menu bar, no resize and exit password level to close WebAccess. Display Groups are a Windows management tool.