12.4.24    MCREXEC

Description:   Execute a KEY MACRO file.  Downloads the file if it does not exist or a newer version exists on SCADA node. 


Tcl:              MCREXEC filename.mcr

JScript:         MCREXEC("filename.mcr");

VB Script:      MCREXEC "filename.mcr"


Argument:     file name

Returns:        none

See Also:      SCREXEC, Keymacros Commands


Tcl Example:   MCREXEC shutdown.mcr

These are the same pushbutton keymacro commands used on displays.  To execute very long keymacro commands, a file is used.  MCREXEC does not execute immediately.  Instead, it is placed in the keymacro queue, then executed after the script ends.  If the keymacro file is not found on the client, it will be downloaded from the SCADA node.  This command is supported by screen scripts only.

The keymacro file can be multi-line and up to 1000 characters per line.  The Keymacro file is usually created using the keymacro file button in the graphics builder or from the menu bar (Tools->Macro file). 

Keymacros commands are used to change displays, acknowledge alarms, and call up dialog boxes and other "pushbutton" functions.  Common key macros include <GOTO>GRAPH=, <ALMACK>, and <DIALOG>POINTINFO.