11.3.4         Create a KeyMacro File

1.   From DRAW, Click the KeyMacro File icon from the upper toolbar.  

Hint - If you pause the pointer over the icon a tooltip opens describing the button  .

2.  The Macro File Configuration  editor dialog box opens.

3.  Enter the following Key Macro command.  This will pop-up a new web browser window with WebAccess Help file describing Keymacros.


4  Enter a name for the Key Macro. For example, KeyMacro_Help.

5. Press Exit when done (or Save and Exit).

6.  Draw Text to act as a descriptor.  For example, draw HELP.

7. Draw a Pushbutton with the keymacro:


Important!- add the .mcr extension to the file name.

8. Save the Graphic (the bgr and drw).

9. Download the Graphic to the SCADA node.