15.1.4 Display Groups in a Web Browser

Display Groups can be opened in a web browser VIEW.  Multiple Windows can pop open from a single button Click.

Display Groups in a web browser are opened only KeyMacros associated with a Pushbutton or screen script.

The Title bar and Task bar icon for a Web Browser VIEW Display Group is also different than in ViewDAQ.

Display Group Icon menu

Figure 15.1.4 - Display Group in Web Browser - Pull Down menu from Title Bar Menu

There is a Pull down menu attached to the Display Group Icon in the Title bar.  The Title Bar menu always allows web browser users to close the Display Group.  Restore, Move, re Size, Minimize and Maximize are available depending on how the Display Group was built (see 15.12 Window Options).  

To see the Tile bar pull-down menu (figure 15.1.4) in a web browser VIEW:

1.  Open a Display Group window from a pushbutton in a graphic display. The display Group must have a Title Bar (see 15.11 Style Options).

2. The Display Group Icon appears in the Title Bar .

3. Click the Display Group Icon once with the mouse.

Display Groups are built using ViewDAQ (the non web browser version of VIEW).  Web browser users can not create, modify or save Display Groups.