15.6.4         Disable Right Click Menu in ViewDAQ  & View

To Disable the Right-Click menu in ViewDAQ and or VIEW, you must modify the bwclient.ini file on each PC located at drive:\WebAccess\Client .  The following lines should be added:




The bwclient.ini must be manually copied to or edited on each Client PC or SCADA Node.

The Right Click Menu in ViewDAQ allows a user to try and close the ViewDAQ window. As long as ViewDAQ is running, the SCADA Node cannot be stopped by the local user.  This one reason you may want to Disable the Right Click menu.

The Right Click menu also allows a user to modify the size, clipping mode and open other ViewDAQ or even create them.

Use the mouse to Right Click anywhere in the main ViewDAQ window.

Figure 15-22 ViewDAQ Right Click Menu

The Right Click Menu allows display navigation in VIEW providing a function similar to the Toolbar. 

Figure 15-34 VIEW Right Click Menu -GOTO



See also, 15.12.4 Hide Toolbar, 15.12.3 Hide Menu Bar, 15.13.3 Exit Password Level, Toolbar