16.3  Scroll Bars (clipping) VIEW

Scale Mode. WebAccess VIEW by default is in SCALE mode in a Web Browser.  The Display shrinks and expands to fit the size of the web browser window (this is called “scaling”).  If vector based graphics are used in WebAccess Draw, then users can View at any display resolution and in any size Window.

Clipping Mode and Scroll Bars.  WebAccess also supports “clipping mode” (i.e. &scale=0 in bwviewpgor View Property radio button Clip) in a  Web Browser. This is similar to Clipping mode used in Display Groups in ViewDAQ.  In Clipping mode, as the web browser window shrinks, the Display stays the same size and users see a window containing part of the WebAccess Graphic Display.  Scroll bars appear at the Bottom and Right side of the Web Browser to allow users to move the “clipped” window across the Graphic. View Property allows users to switch between  Scale and Clipping modes.  BwViewpg allows engineers to predefine scale or clipping mode.

Scroll Bars within a WebAccess Graphic Display.  The Alarm Summary, and Action Log  are examples of WebAccess Displays with Scroll Bars.   These displays consist of rows of Text-type and Analog-type array-type tags that act as temporary holders and a Script or other function to move the data around.  You can open the Alarm Log or Alarm Summary source files in the Display Builder to see an Example.