20.1Admin / Project User

The Users, Passwords & Security Section discusses WebAccess user accounts in detail.

In brief, Project Users and the admin account can access the Project Manager.  Project Users can not access the SCADA Nodes, unless a second account is created in Users in Project Properties.

The admin account is a special account that can not be erased or renamed.  The admin account can access all SCADA Nodes and the Project Manager. The admin account and Project User passwords can be changed in either from the Admin / Project User on the Project Home Page or in Users under Project Properties.

Admin / Project User Properties allows you to modify the Admin account and to create other user accounts with ADMIN like properties to access the Project Manager. Project Users are not assigned VIEW access to runtime SCADA Nodes (unless you create another user account with the same name under SCADA node properties).

Users must "Login" using a Username and password.    All users are assigned a User Type.  The User Types are administrator, project user, power user, general user and restricted user.  Only Admin and Project Users can access the Project Manager.

Please refer to the Users, Passwords & Security for a complete description of security.

User names are not case sensitive.    Passwords are case-sensitive.