20.6.1         How Archive and Delete Files Works

Data Log trends files are copied to the Archive Drive and/or deleted as entire files, based on the file type (Seconds, Minute, Hourly and Daily Data). The Archive files remain in the same form as they exist on the SCADA Node. The time when the Archive and/or Deletion occur differs for Seconds, Minute, Hourly and Yearly Data. Seconds data Archive/Delete occurs daily (At user defined time on day after Expiration Day). Minute and Hourly data Archive/Delete occurs monthly (1st of the expiration Month). Daily data Archive/Delete occurs Yearly (1st of Expiration Year). The Archive/Deletion occurs the day after, month after or year after the Expiration Time the user enters (Figure 20.15) .

ODBC Records are archived by creating a new database in a subdirectory on the Archive Drive named after the Log Type (System, Alarm, Action, Analog, Discrete, Text) and date.  Records are then removed from the online database (bwPData.mdb), if Delete Expired Log is checked. The Archive/Deletion occurs Daily if there are any records that exceed the Expiration Time. Unlike Data Log trends, ODBC records are archived and deleted at the expiration day (or month).