20.8             ODBC Log Data Source

WebAccess can record real-time data to a database (Log to ODBC).  A Microsoft Access database is supplied with WebAccess (bwPdata.mdb) and includes:

·         Analog Tag Log

·         Discrete Tag Log

·         Text Tag Log

·         Analog Tag Log

·         System Log

·         Action Log

·         Alarm Logs. 

The Data for Scheduled reports are also stored in this database.  

The Project Node records data to this database. Multiple Users can view this database using the Project Logs or Scheduled Reports accessible from the Project Manager, VIEW and ViewDAQ. Note than even though Access is a single-user database, multiple users can access the IIS web server making the Access database act like a multi-user database though IIS.

Users may want to relocate this database to another hard drive or use another database. WebAccess supports the following Databases:

The ODBC Log Data Source allows users to replace or relocate the Access Database (bwPdata.mdb) that is the default database used for recording Process Data. This is done by creating another ODBC DSN (Data Source Name) that points to the new database and entering that name in the ODBC Log Data Source page in the Project Manager.

For more information on using SQL Server see 23.3 SQL Server 2005

For information on setting using Oracle  see 23.4 Oracle