20.                 Project Manager



The Project Manager is the configuration tool used by Engineers and Technicians to configure communications, access the graphics builder (DRAW), build tags, alarms, reports and all the features in WebAccess.


The Project Manager is accessed using a standard ASP enabled Web browser. Internet Explorer 6.0 and 7.0 support all features in WebAccess.


The Project Manager uses ASP (Active Server Pages) to access the database on the WebAccess Project Node.


The advantages of the WebAccess Project Manager are:

1.      Remote configuration and support of the WebAccess HMI & SCADA software.

2.      A web browser is the configuration tool used by engineers and technicians.

3.      The engineering tool is independent of the software version installed at the customer site. Engineers & technicians always have the correct version of software needed.

4.      Multiple users can access and work on the same project simultaneously.


The Project Manager requires a continuous connection with the Project Node (the web server).  This is unlike the VIEW client, which does not require a continuous connection.  The number of simultaneous connections to the Project Manager is limited by the version Windows (e.g. Professional or Server) and the license purchased. Windows 2000 Professional and XP Professional are limited to 10 simultaneous connections.  Server versions can be unlimited.


The Project Manager is used to:

·         Create a Project

·         Access the SCADA Node properties in order to:

o        Build Tags and Blocks

o        Start DRAW (the graphics Builder)

o        Enable Trending and Data Logging

o        Configure Reports, Recipes, Trend Displays, Schedules, Video, and other features

·         Download runtime database and graphics to SCADA Nodes

·         Start and Stop SCADA Nodes (the kernel)

·         Backup and Restore the configuration database and graphics

·         View Reports and central ODBC databases of Historical Data

·         Maintain Data Log and ODBC databases of historical data

·         Update project Data when changing IP Addresses, remote access codes or TCP Ports

·         Create Project User accounts to enable users to access the Project Manager or change the admin password.



To start the Project Manager see 2.3.3 Start WebAccess Configuration.


For more information see 2.1.1 Project Manager and 2.4 Copying Projects and files.