21.1Scheduled Reports

Scheduled Reports are automatically generated from the Real-time data. Users & Operators can View the current and previous reports using a web browser. The output of the Scheduled Reports can be copied and pasted into EXCEL, WORD, and other general-purpose office applications as a formatted table or spreadsheet. Scheduled reports are most commonly emailed to users automatically.  They can also be printed automatically on the Project Node.

Shift, Daily and Monthly reports that are generated from the Real-time data recorded to central, ODBC-compliant databases on the Project Node.  Log to ODBC frequency must be greater than zero if a tag’s data is to be recorded.  Users & Operators can View the current and previous reports using their web browser clients. Reports are optionally emailed and printed automatically by the WebAccess SCADA node.

Only Analog Tags can be used in Scheduled Reports. 

Discrete Tags are recorded in a format that is not compatible with the Scheduled Report Engine: Discrete tags have only a Time Stamp and no hourly, minute, or daily records.  Use an Analog Calculation Tag to convert the Digital or Discrete to an Analog Type Tag.

Only Power Users and the admin account can access Scheduled Reports from VIEW

Project Users and admin can see Scheduled reports from the Project Manager.

All users can view Scheduled reports in ViewDAQ.

Scheduled reports can be emailed to anyone with an email account.

The Scheduler can be used to change email recipients of Scheduled reports.