4.2.29         Log to ODBC Frequency

Specifies in minutes how often Data is logged to the central Analog Tag Log on the Project Node. 0 means no logging to Project Node.

Data Log to ODBC must be enabled for the SCADA node.  

Log to ODBC is independent of Data Log Trending (Log Data). This allows you to have frequent Data Log Trends on SCADA Node and the option of not collecting Data Log Trends to reduce the disk usage on the SCADA Node.

Scheduled Reports get data from the ODBC Analog Tag Log. A Tag must have a non-zero Log to ODBC Frequency if its data is to appear in a Scheduled Report. The tag name will not appear in the Tag List when configuring Scheduled Reports if the frequency is zero. It is up to the engineer to ensure the frequency is compatible with the Scheduled Report Interval.  Faster than is necessary will slow down the call up time for Scheduled Reports (e.g. 1 minute intervals when only hourly data is required in the report). A Frequency greater than the interval of the Report will result in missing data (e.g. Log to ODBC is 1 hour but Report has 30 minute interval).

Range:                    0 to 60 (1 minute increments)
Field Type:            analog 
Tag field: