Wrong TCP Port prevents Webvrpcs.exe from starting

Even if you accepted the default TCP Ports for Primary and Secondary TCP Ports during installation, you are using TCP Ports 80, 4592 and 14592.  The Primary and Secondary Ports, in theory, are not used by anyone else, but there could be another application installed that thought the same.  Webvrpcs.exe will not start on the Project or SCADA node if another application is using the Primary and Secondary Ports.  The WebAccess Icon  will not appear in the taskbar and you will not be able to start remotely

If the icon fails to appear, and if you have a Firewall or are using Port Mapping, and entered TCP Ports during WebAccess Node installation, then one of those ports are not free and are used by another application, prevent the web services from communicating (starting).


1.      Change the TCP Ports set during installation on the Project and SCADA nodes.  These are in a BWSERVER.INI file, which can be edited using note pad. You can also re-install Node software to change them.

2.      Login to Project Manager and use UPDATE to change the Ports in the Project Database for the SCADA node and Project Node.

3.      Download.

4.      Try to start Webvrpcs.exe by double clicking it (from Windows Explorer, C:\webaccess\node).  If Webvrpcs.exe starts, then you had a TCP Port conflict with another program (e.g. a game, an ActiveX control, a Netscape plug-in, other software with remote access).  You should contact your system administrator to obtain a free TCP Port for WebAccess to use.