22.4.6  Cannot Connect to SCADA Node

If you can login to Project Manager, but get the Message "Cannot Connect to SCADA  Node" when you select a SCADA Node or if trying to use VIEW get the Message "Waiting for connection to SCADA Node" :

1. Verify the Webvrpcs is running on the SCADA Node. You should see the WebAccess Icon  in the taskbar next to the system clock on the SCADA Node.

Figure 22.9 - Task bar Icon - SCADA and Project Nodes

There should be a shortcut in the All-Users Start-up folder that starts webvrpcs.exe.  

2. Verify that the Primary TCP Port (typically 4592) is not blocked by a firewall or router between you and the Project Node.

The error "Waiting for connection to SCADA Node" implies the Secondary TCP port is blocked (default is 14592).

See also: 22.1.7 Firewall or blocked TCP ports