23.6.1   Automatic Logout

The SCADA node can set an Automatic Logouit for all clients (See View Auto Logout Time Out). ViewDAQs or View clients will logout automatically when ViewDAQs or View clients do not receive keyboard inputs or mouse clicks in the specified time period.

To overwrite the value set in the SCADA Node Properties for Automatic Logout, for a specific client or for ViewDAQ, or to enable Automatic Logout, users can specify a timeout in bwclient.ini, a file located on each cleint and SCADA node.

When the automatic logout occurs, ViewDAQs will logout current user, close dialog boxes if any, and stay at the current page. View clients will logout current user, reconnect to SCADA node, and wait for users to login.

Please note that during the automatic logout process, ViewDAQs or View clients will not monitor keyboard inputs or mouse clicks for about 5 seconds.

Add the following section to the bwclient.ini to enable automatic logout.



                             where x is timeout minutes.g.

The BWCLIENT.INI exits on all clients, the SCADA Node and the Project Node. It is used to customize VIEW, DRAW, ViewDAQ (on the SCADA Node) and DrawDAQ (on the Project Node).  

Note that a similar file exists might exist in two places on a SCADA Node and Project Node, one for VIEW and DRAW (using a web browser) and one for ViewDAQ or DrawDAQ.

For VIEW and DRAW it is typically in C:\WebAccess\Client\bwclient.ini
For ViewDAQ and DrawDAQ it is typically in C:\WebAccess\Node\bwclient.ini 

Example bwclient.ini file

Copied to a Client, SCADA or Project Node with following:

Prints graphics to PAINT (VIEW and ViewDAQ on SCADA, DrawDAQ on Project Node and VIEW and DRAW on client).

Right Click Menu Disabled for ViewDAQ and VIEW on SCADA and Client

Connects to a network addresses by using both Private IP Address with other users (who do not use this file) connecting using Public IP Address.

Logout after 20 minutes of no keyboard or mouse input.



















Note that timeout is in minutes


To Edit the BWCLIENT.INI :

1.      Open Notepad.  Start -> Run -> Type Notepad

2.      Browse to WebAccess client directory for VIEW and WebAccess Node directory to modify ViewDAQ.  
For VIEW client it is typically in C:\WebAccess\Client\bwclient.ini
For SCADA Node an Project Node it is typically in C:\WebAccess\Node\bwclient.ini 

3.      Create a section named [logout]

4.  Add an entry timeout=minutes, where minutes is the number of minutes (for example 20).

5. Save the bwclient.ini file to drive:\WebAccess\Node.  Optionally copy it to the Project node or other SCADA nodes.  Optionally copy it to the drive:\WebAccess\Client (for use by web local browser).

Note - even though it says bwclient.ini,when copied to drive:\Webaccess\Node, it is used by the SCADA and Project Node software for acting like a client to itself!