View Auto Logout Time Out

View Auto Logout Time Out.  This field is on the SCADA Node property page to let users define the time out, in minutes, without mouse/keyboard activity before View clients and ViewDAQ are automatically logged out. Specify 0 to disable the time out feature. A positive value will define the time out minutes for the SCADA node and all View clients connecting to this SCADA node.

When the automatic logout occurs, ViewDAQs will logout current user, close dialog boxes if any, and stay at the current page. View clients will logout current user, reconnect to SCADA node, and wait for users to login.

To overwrite this setting for a SCADA node or specific clients, you can modify the Bwclient.ini file located on each client and SCADA node (see BWCLIENT  23.6.1 Automatic Logout).