Configure Demand Control

To configure Demand Control, got to SCADA Node properties and pick the Demand Control hyperlink at the top of the Node Property page.


Figure - Kilowatt-Hour (KWH) meters and Kilowatt (KW) meters defined for measuring power usage

Demand Control is a licensed option per SCADA node.  It will appear in Node properties even if you do not have the Demand Control options.  

Hint - a quick way to find out is to Start VIEW, log-in, then use the Right Click menu and select Tools.  If the SCADA node has the Demand Control LIcense is will appear in the Right-Click Tools Menu in VIEW.

Figure 24.3.1b - Right Click Tools Menu shows if Demand Control License is available on the SCADA node


To configure Demand Control, you define a Load Group.

Select Add Load Group from the Load Group List.


Figure 24.3.1.c - Empty Load Group List

Go to Load Group

To modify an exiting Load Group, select the Update hyperlink.

Figure 24.3.1.d -  Load Group List