3.2.33        Disable Task Switch Key

This prevents users from switching the focus away from ViewDAQ.  This affects only the SCADA node. This is commonly used to prevent users from playing games, surfing the internet or other activities other than using the HMI & SCADA interface to the control system

When Disable Task Switch Keys is selected (Yes),  the following changes takes place on the SCADA Node:

ALT TAB does not work to change between tasks (i.e. programs).

The Task Bar (at the bottom of the Windows Screen) can not be used to change tasks.

Task Manager can not be opened using Control-ALT-Delete (i.e. the Task Manager button is removed (Task Manager button is grayed-out).

Start button is Disabled in Windows.

System Tray is Disabled (can't open Task Manager this way).

Used in combination with an Exit Password Level, Disable Size and Move, Popup window with Title  / without Title in a Display Group, this can effectively lock the computer in the ViewDAQ and VIEW.