Device Properties - Serial Port

A Serial Port is an RS232, RS422, RS485 or other port on your SCADA node PC identified as COM1, COM2, COM3, COM4, etc.  For More information on Serial Ports, see Serial ComPort Properties. Serial type Devices usually have a "native" driver written by WebAccess.  It is possible to have a Serial connection to the device, but use the API or OPC Port Types in WebAccess.

Add your device to the Serial Port, by selecting the Serial Port you have configured, then select Add Device.

To modify an existing Device, Select Device Properties. The Device Properties Page for a Serial Type Device appears.

Figure 3-12Modicon - Modbus RTU device

Device Name is any user defined name.  See Device Name for more information.

Description is a user defined. See Description for more information.

Unit Number, for most drivers (e.g. Modbus), this must correspond to the Unit Number used in the protocol addressing. See Unit Number for more information.

The Device Type lists available Device Drivers for a Serial type Comport (e.g. AB PLC5, AB SLC500, GE 9030, GE 9070, Modicon Modbus, Wago).
 See Device Type for more information.  If your device Type does not appear, you may have configured the wrong Com Port type.

See the Device Driver Guide for you device type for detailed information. (For Modbus RTU Serial see the Modicon Device Guide).